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Slowing down aging, a new concept for the prevention of all chronic diseases

5 April 2024
Dr Martin Juneau, M.D., FRCP

Age is an important risk factor for all chronic diseases, implying that finding ways to slow down aging could simultaneously delay the onset of all these diseases and significantly improve healthy life expectancy.

Association between physical activity and premature mortality: Differences between women and men?

28 February 2024
Dr Martin Juneau, M.D., FRCP

Women enjoy greater health benefits from physical activity than men at equivalent or lower doses, according to a study of 412,413 American adults.

Intense physical activity could promote respiratory infections

30 November 2023
Dr Martin Juneau, M.D., FRCP

A multi-omics analysis in forest firefighters suggests that strenuous physical activity may increase susceptibility to respiratory infections.

Physical activity, exercise and brain health!

Exercise can prevent or slow the cognitive decline associated with aging if done regularly at a moderate intensity.

Exerkines : Mediators of the health benefits of exercise

Exerkines are molecules released in response to exercise, which have the potential to improve cardiovascular, metabolic, immunological, and neurological health.

Preventing cardiovascular disease also means preventing cancer!

1 June 2023
Dr Martin Juneau, M.D., FRCP

One study reports that people who have cardiovascular disease are at much higher risk of developing several types of cancers in the years that follow.

A moderate amount and frequency of walking are associated with health benefits

6 April 2023
Dr Martin Juneau, M.D., FRCP

The results of a recent study suggest that it is possible to obtain substantial health benefits from walking only a few days a week.

Living a healthy lifestyle could slow memory decline

According to a study in China, memory decline was slower in older people who had a healthy lifestyle, even in those who had a genetic risk factor (APOE4) for Alzheimer’s disease.

The benefits of walking outside on the brain

A 15-minute walk outdoors improves cognition, according to a Canadian study.

Gut microorganisms boost motivation to exercise

25 January 2023
Dr Martin Juneau, M.D., FRCP

In mice, certain species of gut bacteria produce molecules that activate nerves that are connected to the brain, thereby stimulating reward circuits associated with exercise.

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