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Promoting the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases in order to prolong life expectancy in good health.

Recent articles

Beyond Burger, Impossible Burger and other products that mimic meat: are they good for health and the environment?

New products made from plants but designed to look, feel, and taste like meat have recently appeared on the market. These products do much less harm to the environment than meat production, but they are ultra-processed foods that contain significant amounts of salt and saturated fat.

The effects of climate change on health

The effects of global warming on health are already beginning to be felt and are likely to become very significant in the coming decades without concrete actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To stay slim, avoid ultra-processed foods

A clinical study shows that people who are served meals with ultra-processed industrial foods eat more calories and gain weight quickly.

Overwork can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

People who work a lot (more than 55 hours a week) are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, especially stroke.

Active transportation, a great way to balance work and health

People who go to work walking or cycling are in better physical shape and therefore at lower risk of cardiovascular disease.


To facilitate the search for information, articles on topics of particular importance for heart disease prevention are grouped into easily accessible folders.

Observatoire de la prevention

The Observatoire de la prévention of the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) is part of the Prevention Branch of the MHI.

The MHI is a hospital centre highly specialized in cardiology and dedicated to patient care, research, education, prevention, rehabilitation, and the evaluation of new technologies in cardiology. Always at the forefront of innovation, the MHI is a leader in its field and plays a leading role in Quebec, Canada, and the world. The MHI is affiliated with Université de Montréal.

The Observatoire de la prevention was created in partnership with the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation (MHIF), through donations made by IGA grocers as part of their “$2 does the heart good” campaign, an annual event for over 35 years.

The Foundation raises and administers funds to support research, patient care, education, prevention, rehabilitation, and the evaluation of the Montreal Heart Institute’s new technologies. Through its work, the Foundation supports the excellence of an internationally renowned institution that serves all Quebecers.