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Many studies show that adopting a Mediterranean-type diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improves the survival of patients with coronary heart disease.

The pros and cons of alcohol

This is an updated version of an article originally published in 2018 Even though alcohol has been a daily part of human existence for millennia, the substance is far from innocuous and in fact has very complex effects on health. This complexity is well illustrated by...

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Tobacco and e-cigarettes

An avalanche of studies show that regular physical activity is a veritable “universal remedy,” associated with a marked decrease in the risk of chronic diseases and an increase of life expectancy in good health. And the amount of exercise required to enjoy these benefits is much lower than we might think.

Tobacco and e-cigarettes

Despite the considerable progress made in the fight against tobacco, smoking remains one of the main causes of premature death in our society. An increasing number of studies indicate that e-cigarettes could become a weapon of choice against the ravages associated with tobacco use.